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Forming a Larger Group and Community  Plan

Since February of 2017 we have worked closely with the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce to develop a Community Health Plan.  The Blue Heart Healthy Advantage plan is our first offerining with future focus concentrated on  the efficiency of local healhtcare delivery through information exchange.  Future plans may have rich beneifts locally without sacrificing access to a larger PPO network.

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Save Premium

Health Plan premiums are discounted for Chamber of Commerce members.  Blue Heart Health Plans is building a block of employers beyond the affinity of the Health Plan.  Employers belonging to a Chamber of Commerce will be part of the larger collective, increasing our power of negotiation in years to come.  We would like to talk to your Chamber and invite them to be part of our collaborative efforts.  Blue Heart is a Managing General Agent working with your local brokers and consultants.

Looking For a Few Good Brokers

Is your agency a member of your local Chamber of Commerce?  We are looking for local brokers to represent Blue Heart Health Plans within your Chamber marketing to employers and local brokers who may sell our plans.  Call or email for more information.

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