Market Trends and and Anticipated Changes

Healthcare Evolves as Consumer Centric

  • Concurrent sharing of Information from historically divergent sources will change and improve healthcare benefits and delivery, including enrollment, benefits, claims, fitness, ancillary benefits and financial services, HSA and Retirement Savings.

  • Cyber existence of all facets of health and financial plans, creating a leaner, more powerful wholesome product.

  • Brick & mortar insurance carriers have sluggish execution and excess workforce, leveraging lower cost for New Tech Plans.

  • Consumer-Centric plans engage member, via watch, smart phone or website.  Like Amazon or Uber, it connects directly with the consumer/member sustaining the system on a concurrent, financial, wellness and analytic platform that gathers data/analytics and identifies and addresses risk in the earliest stages.

  • Blue Heart lowers premium today, stabilizes premium tomorrow, improves employee health, improves employee benefits eliminating deductibles and coinsurance and increases access for many via the Cigna PPO network.

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