A Plan for Today and a Strategy for Tomorrow.

Blue Heart lowers costs today, stabilizes premium tomorrow, improves employee benefits eliminating deductibles and coinsurance costs, and increases access for many via the Cigna PPO network.



High Deductible Comprehensive

Keeps premium low with high deductible health plans with a $5000 or a $7000 deductible, reducing employer and employee costs.  Increases access for most via the Cigna PPO network.

Pop Supp Plan

Population Health Supplement Plan

Turns High Deductible Into a 100% Coverage Plan

Voluntary plan that fully supplements the health plan covering your deductible in full.  Note; offered health plans have 100% coverage in network after deductible.  Office visits and Rx copays are the only out of pocket expense.  Take home pay will remain intact via;

  • Paycheck pre tax purchase. 

  • Reimbursement of balance of supplement       premium monthly via EFT.

Participation in the Population Health/Wellness plan required for full reimbursement.

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